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Hand painting greeting cards - unique handmade cards

Mass-production of hand painted greeting cards is a specialty of Accolinecards. Worldwide there are very few card manufacturers that are able to use this extravagant technique. Our handmade cards are richly decorated, memorable and unique.

Accolinecards employs highly-skilled staff who have been intensely trained for over 2 years in hand painting and have a minimum of 3 years experience before being able to hand paint all wording and details on our handmade greeting cards made from natural paper.

There are several steps in the production of our hand painted greeting cards. Firstly, the natural paper base card is blind-stamped with the text to be hand painted along with any outlines or patterns. In addition a draft copy of the text and pattern is given to the painter.

Other base cards made on machine made board are firstly hot foiled or printed with the required text and outline.

After being hand painted or foiled, all handmade cards are then passed to the handicraft department to work on tip-ons and apply other handicraft materials such as paper flowers, cords, ribbons, sequins, gems, cloth, wire, wood-pieces and many more decorative items.

On most of the handmade greeting cards there are usually additional details to be hand painted after the cards return from the handicraft and quality control departments.

For example, on accessories such as handmade-animals we hand paint facial features, for others, sun rays and clouds, or flowers and leaves, snowflakes, rings, hearts, and many other intricate details. Depending on the card design we then finish with glitter and/or varnish.

Accolinecards uses acrylic paints and silk screen colors, mixed in our color-lab. Before using a color, it has to pass our strict quality control checks, ensuring that identical batches of handmade cards can be mass produced ready for exporting and distribution.

Our skilled design team create the most colorful greeting card designs. We also hand paint cards according to copyrighted designs received from our customers.