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Materials for the manufacture of handmade greeting cards

Accolinecards uses many different materials in the manufacture of our handmade cards. Our customers will appreciate the amount of imagination and effort that has gone into the manufacturing process. We source our materials from all over Thailand, chosing only the finest for our greeting cards.

Accolinecards uses a wide range of materials in the manufacturing of our exquisite handmade greeting cards.

The high quality board we use is specially imported from Italy, Spain and Germany. This board is relatively easy to work with and is the standard type used in most premium greeting card manufacture worldwide.

We also use a special Mulberry paper which is handmade here in the north of Thailand exclusively for Accolincards.

This uniquely textured natural paper is completely made by hand. Therefore color, weight, texture and density differ slightly from sheet to sheet. In order to maintain consistently high standards we check the colour, weight and texture of every sheet we use in our card manufacturing process.
This is a time consuming process, but in the end this beautiful natural paper gives our cards designs a rich and unique look.

Accolinecards has trusted suppliers all over Thailand. Many of the goods are further processed in our factory. We buy fabric to die cut into shape, ribbons to make bows, nickel to be embossed etc.

Other handmade card materials that we buy for handicraft work include gems, wood & acrylic pearls, metallic stars, sequins, balsawood, paper flowers, decorative wire and much more.

Lastly, there are many items we manufacture from raw materials in our factory. We individually handcraft pieces such as stars and hearts from flour, beetles or fish from plaster, ornate flowers from paper and much more.